Host Eats ‘World’s Hottest Pie’ On Live TV, Instantly Regrets It

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Learn from Australian TV host Karl Stefanovic’s mistake, people, never eat something dubbed ‘the world’s hottest pie’ in front of an audience.

Stefanovic realized he made a huge mistake when he challenge his co-host Ben Fordham to a meat pie eating contest to see who could devour the most of the the “The Flaming Ron,” supposedly the world’s hottest (as in spiciest) pie.

Boasting that he’s already eaten world’s hottest curry and world’s hottest chili, Stefanovic scoffed at the challenge, but soon realized that maybe eating “The Flaming Ron” on live TV wasn’t such a bright idea.

His eyes begin to tear, his face starts to sweat and begins coughing and wheezing when his mouth is clearly on fire after taking just a few bites.

Watch him bead up with sweat around the 2:00 minute mark in the video below (via now.msn):

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