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Coachella’s Massive Lost & Found Includes Keys, Wallets & Phones

Did you lose something important during your three-day stint in the desert at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in April? Chances are it’s turned up in the fest’s massive lost and found checklist just waiting to be recovered.

Coachella posted its extensive list of forgotten items on their official website, which includes a number of important items like car keys, cell phones, IDs and credit cards that make us wonder…how did the owners even manage to get home or get by all this time?

A collection of bags, wallets, cameras, glasses and more have also accumulated over the two separate three-day weekends and are just waiting to be reclaimed by their owners. The site notes that any items that go unclaimed are donated to charity three months after the festival.

Check out the entire bottomless list of lost but not yet found items here and email if you think you see something that belongs to you!

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