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Poll: Real Or Fake? Girl Dumps Drink On Boyfriend After He Rejects Her On Kiss Cam

One viral video this week is raising a lot of questions about its authenticity. During the Fresno Grizzlies on Friday, May 3rd, a couple had an on-screen breakup in front of the entire stadium after the boyfriend repeatedly refused to kiss his girlfriend when the Kiss Cam landed on them.

Each time the Kiss Cam lands on the couple, the boyfriend is seen talking on his cell phone as his girlfriend tries to get his attention for a kiss. After the third time being brushed off, the girl gets fed up and pours a drink all over the guy and walks away.

The video description reads: “At the Fresno Grizzlies game on May 3, 2013, we learn that not every relationship was meant to be put on the Jumbo-tron, but they all have a happy ending when Parker, the official mascot of the Fresno Grizzlies is there to help mend a broken heart.”

A lot of naysayers are calling the video a bunch of malarkey and was just a stunt to go viral, which if it was, certainly worked in their favor because the video has over one million hits since being posted on May 7th.

Even if the video is staged, it’s still a pretty funny watch. Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

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