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Poll: Who Is The Sexiest ‘Carl’s Jr.’ Commercial Girl?

Fast food chain Carl’s Jr. has a history of using some famous beauties to help sell their burgers in commercials that have a tendency to challenge FCC decency regulations.

Below are some of the famous faces who have starred in Carl’s Jr. commercials over the past years and somehow manage to make eating a burger sexy. Vote on who you think has the sexiest commercial in the poll below!

Paris Hilton – 2005

At the height of her reality career, Paris Hilton launched the fast food chain’s tradition of using gorgeous girls to sell burgers. Her ad was considered too hot for TV and banned, which later made it a sensation on YouTube, according to

Padma Lakshmi – 2009

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi stars in one of the tamer Carl’s Jr. ads, but she still managed to spice things up for the Western Bacon Six Dollar Cheeseburger.

Kim Kardashian – 2010

Kim K. became the face of the restaurant’s new line of guilt-free salads and made eating healthy sexy.

Kate Upton – 2012

Super model Kate Upton’s Super Bowl commercial raised the bar for sexy Carl’s Jr. commercials and was subsequently banned from TV and became a hit on YouTube. We’re not even sure how this aired in the first place.

Heidi Klum – 2013

The newest Carl’s Jr. bombshell, model Heidi Klum does a sexy Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate to introduce the seductively tasty Bourbon Burger.

Vote below who you think has the sexiest Carl’s Jr. commercial of all time!

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