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Kevin Ware Delivers ‘Top Ten’ List On Leg Injury On ‘Letterman’

Talk about being a good sport…just days after sustaining a horrific leg injury (many considering it the worst ever in sports), Kevin Ware of the Louisville Cardinals appeared on Late Night With David Letterman to talk about his recovery and deliver the Top Ten list.

Making light of his injury that was seen on national TV, Kevin appeared in good spirits while delivering the “Top Ten Thoughts Going Through Kevin Ware’s Mind” after breaking his leg.

Just some of the thoughts on the list included “What was that loud cracking sound?”; “Hey look, my Tibia!”; “Did it go in?” and “They fired Leno?” commenting on the recent Late Night changes.

Watch Kevin Ware’s entire top ten list in the video below (skip to 3:50 for the list).

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