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Separated At Birth: Does This Fish Look Like Mick Jagger?

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Mick Jagger is not only famous for his moves, but also for his signature pouty lips that have always been a part of his boyish good looks.

But it looks like not only Mick’s lips are attracting worldwide attention theses days. A recent article on Daily Mail points out a new deep sea star that mimics the rock stars pouting lips called the Lumpsucker fish.

The fish is the newest attraction at the Lyme Regis Aquarium in Dorset and is getting a lot of comparison to Mick Jagger because of its bright red lips and puckering face.

Click here to see the side-by-side image of Mick and the lumpsucker fish and tell us…are they separated at birth?

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