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Videos: Five VW Karmann Ghia Commercials

“It’s a sports car, but not powerful” is how one commercial described the VW Karmann Ghia, which was a coupe convertible available from 1955-1974.  It contained the chassis and mechanics of the Beetle, was designed by Italian Luigi Segre, and had hand-built bodywork by Germany and became the most imported car in the US soon after production began. In 1957 a convertible model became available which later became famous in 1967 by appearing in the opening credits of the show Get Smart.   The car which replaced the Ghia in 1974 was the VW Rabbit.

You can see the VW Karmann Ghia, along with other VW cars at K-EARTH 101’s Bugstock 2013 at the on Saturday, March 30th at the OC Fair & Events Center!  For all the details on the event click here.

A modern made commercial for a classic car.

pixel Videos: Five VW Karmann Ghia Commercials

Be alone with your special someone.  It has a racy romantic hand-finished body.  Best of all, it has seats for two, not four.

pixel Videos: Five VW Karmann Ghia Commercials

Most economical sports car you can buy.  It’s just not the most powerful.

pixel Videos: Five VW Karmann Ghia Commercials

Foreign VW Karmann Ghia commercial.

pixel Videos: Five VW Karmann Ghia Commercials

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  • RainbowRay

    I enjoyed the last commercial with the tune “CALIFORNIA DREAMING” in it. I think the third one was a Saudi Commercial. Does that mean if that commercial had been promoting “Audi’s” then that would have made that third commercial a ” Saudi Audi” commercial or an “Audi Saudi” commercial. If the beginning of that commercial had someon saying “hi” in it would that commercial then be considered to be a “Howdy Audi Saudi” commercial or a “Howdy Saudi Audi” commercila (of course assumng that third commercial had been for an “Audi” car instead). Just wondering!

    Is everything “Tickity boo?”

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