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Richie Palmer Of Mulberry Street Pizzeria On What Makes A Great Meatball

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Richie Palmer of Mulberry Pizza Visit K-EARTH 101 Studio/Photo by Britt Bickel

Richie Palmer of Mulberry Pizza Visit K-EARTH 101 Studio/Photo by Britt Bickel

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Richie Palmer of the famous Mulberry Street Pizzeria joined The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show this morning in celebration of National Meatball Day happening Saturday, March 9th!

Richie’s pizzeria has been a staple in Beverly Hills for 21 years and has now expanded all over the SoCal area, including a brand new location in Thousand Oaks opening today!

Not only are his pizza and meatball dishes famous for their mouth-watering taste, but even the real stars regularly come in to the pizzeria to enjoy his dishes. Richie tells us just some of the famous names that are frequent patrons of Mulberry Street Pizzeria include Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Tyson.

So what makes Richie’s meatballs better than the rest? He tells us the secret to his famous recipe.

“Mine is just an old recipe from the Bronx and then when I came out here, Frankie Vallie, put a few of his little ingredients in there and Giuseppe Franco gave a couple of his mother’s ingredients,” explained Richie. “A few friends of mine – Sly gave me a couple of tips – it’s basically my mother’s meatball…it’s a New York, Bronx hybrid – Italian, German, Irish – the melting pot of New York City.”

As a special treat in celebration of National Meatball Day on Saturday, Richie will be selling his signature meatball dishes and specialty meatball pizza slices for 50% off at all five Mulberry locations (click here to find one closest to you).

So don’t forget to celebrate National Meatball Day this Saturday at Mulberry Street Pizzeria. Take a listen to the complete interview with Richie Palmer below!

Gary Bryan’s having a ball, so can you!

Richie Palmer of Mulberry Pizza Visit K-EARTH 101 Studio3

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