Lisa Stanley Tries Her First Ever Bite Of Taco Bell

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Lisa Stanley tries Taco Bell for the first time (4)
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This morning we were baffled to learn that the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show’s own Lisa Stanley has never eaten from Taco Bell before.

So naturally, we made a taco run to bring back the big 12-pack box to the studio so Lisa could officially introduce the world of Taco Bell to her taste buds.

Since the brand new Cool Ranch Dorito taco shell has just been released in stores, Lisa took the taste test of the specialty taco live on air.

The first bite

Going in for the first bite

What did she think of her first bite of Taco Bell? Listen below to hear her thoughts!

Mission accomplished. Congrats, Lisa, on joining the Taco Bell family!

Lisa Stanley tries Taco Bell for the first time (6)

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