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Volkswagen Type 2 Transport (aka Microbus) Commercials [Video]

Whether you know it as a microbus, minibus, or hippie van, the Volkswagen Type 2, or in the United States the Transporter, has been around worldwide for over 60 years and is based on Volkswagen’s T platform, now in its fifth generation.

The five generations of Volkswagen’s T platforms include:

T1 – Type 2: The first generation of this vehicle from 1950-1967.

T2 – Type 2: Marketed from 1967-1979.

T3 – Type 2: Known as Vanagon in the United States and used an air-cooled engine until 1983 when replaced with a water-cooled boxer engine.  Marketed from 1979-1992.

T4 – Transporter: For the first time a front-mounted, front-wheeled drive, water-cooled engine was used and was marketed from 1990-2003.

T5 – Transporter – This version is only sold in Mexico in North America.   If imported to the U.S., a chicken tax, which is a 25% tariff placed on potato starch, dextrin, brand, and ligjht trucks implemented in 1963 by President Lyndon B. Johnson in response to tariffs placed by France and West Germany on importation of chickens from the United States.  All tariffs except those on light trucks (which is to protect domestic automobile manufacturers) have been lifted.

Check out these classic VW Type 2 commercials, most of which are in German.  Check out the Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter at K-EARTH 101’s Bugstock 2013 on Saturday, March 30th at the OC Fair & Events Center!

pixel Volkswagen Type 2 Transport (aka Microbus) Commercials [Video]

pixel Volkswagen Type 2 Transport (aka Microbus) Commercials [Video]

pixel Volkswagen Type 2 Transport (aka Microbus) Commercials [Video]

pixel Volkswagen Type 2 Transport (aka Microbus) Commercials [Video]

pixel Volkswagen Type 2 Transport (aka Microbus) Commercials [Video]

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One Comment

  1. RainbowRay says:

    I remember those old VW buses. When I was very young (maybe 3 or 4) I remember this bus driver named Dennis coming every morning to our house to pick up my brother to take to school. It had a white top and the body of it was like a maroon colour with te VW logo on the front. Ahh! Memories!

    Don’t be shy give it a try—go down memory lane and look back at all those old classic vehicles you used to drive/own or remember seeing growing up! Go to those classic car shows! I dream one day of owning the two cars I remember my dad owning (one was a Chrysler Imperial; you know the one’s that had the fin shaped tail lights at the back? The other was an old Ford (can’t remember the make, but have a picture of me sitting on top of the car with my dad wans I was 3 or 4). I think it was from the mid to late 50’s. Both classics!

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