It’s National Tooth Fairy Day! How Much Does The ‘Tooth Fairy’ Leave At Your House?

Today in obscure national holidays, it’s National Tooth Fairy Day, and we’re sure The Rock isn’t the only one celebrating this fictional night-time teeth collector.

There’s nothing better as a kid than waking up in the morning to collect a nice pay day from the Tooth Fairy underneath your pillow in exchange for a lost tooth.

It seems like the Tooth Fairy is pretty generous to many of our listeners, too, in some cases leaving $20 a tooth! In that case, we’re thinking it’s time to start stocking up on toffee…

Tooth Fairy

So how much does the ‘tooth fairy’ leave underneath the pillows in your home when a tooth is lost? Tell us in the poll below!

Bonus poll: Do you think the Tooth Fairy is male or female? Help us settle the debate here at The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show.

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