SWAMP LOVE –Who Should Be Lisa Stanley’s Valentine?

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Bruce Mitchell, R.J. Molinere and Troy Landry of Swamp People

Bruce Mitchell, R.J. Molinere and Troy Landry of Swamp People

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Last year, Lisa Stanley had the chance to visit with one of stars of History’s hit series Swamp People in New York City. Lisa chatted with Bruce Mitchell at the Chelsea Market where they created a “swamp” with some of the reptilian creatures found on the show. Lisa fell in love with the entire cast of the show!

Pledge your allegiance to Swamp Nation! Swamp People is coming back to History TONIGHT at 9! It’s the perfect way to spend Valentine’s night…spread the Swamp Love!

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Our Swamp friends sent us a few fun facts about alligators:

  • American alligators are native to the southeast United States and a large majority of them live in the swamps of Louisiana and Florida.
  • The alligator species has remained almost unchanged since the Cretaceous period.
  • Alligators are notorious for their bone-crushing bites, and despite their heavy body and large size, they are capable of short bursts of speed.
  • While they usually feed on small animals that they can consume with one bite, alligators have been known to ambush and eat razorbacks, deer, panthers, bears, and even smaller alligators.
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