Rare 1865 Baseball Card Sold At Auction

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Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

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This isn’t your average collectors baseball card. A “rarer than rare” card dating back to 1865 was sold at auction Wednesday for an astounding $92,000, according to Yahoo.

The baseball card featuring a photograph of nine members of the former Brooklyn Atlantics baseball team was found at a yard sale in Maine and was put up for auction by Saco River Auction Co.

The auction’s manager Troy Thibodeau said the piece was one of a kind and considered to be one of the first baseball cards ever distributed.

“It’s more of a piece of photography than a baseball card, but it’s considered by many to be the first baseball card just by the fact that it was distributed by the team,” he said. “It kind of set the stage for baseball cards after that.”

The Brooklyn Atlantics were the first known champions of baseball and the founding club of the National Association of Base Ball Players, which was a precursor to the modern day National League, added Thibodeau.

This photograph, which is mounted on a card stock known as carte de vista, is the only one known to exist today. The Library of Congress is the only other to hold a similar image created from a different negative.

Click here to see an image of the rare baseball card here.

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