Why You Should Never Talk Back To A Judge

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kearthevents Britt Bickel
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A young Florida woman found out the hard way why you should never, ever, ever talk back to a judge who decides your fate.

Penelope Soto was in jail for possession of Xanax and was brought in to the court room before Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat. After the court proceedings, the judge set Soto’s bail at $5,000, in which she responded with an “Adios” as she walked out of the court room.

The judge didn’t like her party girl demeanor much, so he brought her back in and raised the bail to $10,000, which didn’t sit well with Soto. She responded to his ruling with her middle finger and a big F-U to the judge.

Listen to how the judge responded to her vulgar response in the audio below.

Only in Florida. Watch the full clip here.

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