Morning Show Poll: Can You Drive Stick Shift?

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This guy cannot... (Credit:  David Silverman/Getty Images)

This guy cannot… (Credit: David Silverman/Getty Images)

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There are two type of people in this world; those who can drive a car with a manual transmission and those who can only drive automatic.

The days of the stick shift aren’t as prominent as they use to be, with more and more Americans opting for automatic vehicles and younger generations learning to drive on them instead of having to take on the dreaded clutch.

According to emunds.com, only about 7 percent of Americans know how to drive a stick shift, and just 93 percent of the cars bought in 2012 were automatics with just two pedals. However, they also note that recently Ford has seen a greater spike in car purchases with manual transmissions compared to past years.

So this morning, Gary is asking listeners if they know how to drive a manual transmission, and so far about 99% of our callers said they can!

So what about you…Can you drive a stick shift? Let us know in the poll below!

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