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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Girl Scout Cookie?

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Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

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It’s that time of season again – the time when the colorful boxes of deliciously indulgent Girl Scout Cookies start appearing in the offices, in store fronts and at your door!

No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to resist these tasty seasonal treats, and the argument over the best flavor of Girl Scout Cookie has long been in debate.

We all have our favorites – some prefer the Girl Scout staple of Thin Mints or the cult favorite Do-si-dos, and maybe even the newcomer and healthy choice of Mango Cremes with NutriFusion could score some fans.

But now’s the chance to make your voice heard and vote for your favorite Girl Scout Cookie in our poll below!

Is your daughter selling Girl Scout Cookies at a public shopping area around town? Tell us the location and dates by filling out the comment section in the form below, and Gary Bryan will give  you a shout out on air to direct more customers to you!

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