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Clippers Caron Butler’s Block Takes Out A Ref

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Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

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This sports highlight comes courtesy of L.A.’s own Caron Butler during Tuesday’s game between the L.A. Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Butler went full on attack to block a shot from Thunder’s Serge Ibaka and knock it out of bounds. He gets the block, but one of the refs nearby took a hit to the head as a result.

The NBA video description reads: “Caron Butler comes up with the block, sending the ball out of bounds & directly into the head of referee who takes a tumble but still manages to make the correct call from the ground!”

Fortunately, the ref quickly jumped back up on his feet after getting hit and could be seen mouthing “I’m fine” to the players. Check out the insane play below!

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