K-EARTH 101 Listeners Wish Gary Bryan A Happy Earthday!

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Photo by Britt Bickel/K-EARTH 101

Photo by Britt Bickel/K-EARTH 101

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Today is a special day, because not only is it National Hat Day (don’t forget to wear yours!), but it’s also Gary Bryan’s EARTHDAY!

All morning long we’ve been celebrating our host with the most’s birthday with listeners calling in, tweeting, Facebooking, what have you, with their warm wishes for Gary on his special day.

Did you know, Gary shares his birthday with the likes of Llyod Bridges, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Drew Brees, Charo and the rapper known as Pitbull!

Happy Earthday, Gary, and here’s to many more! Listen below to a few of listeners’ calls wishing Gary a happy b-day below:

We surprise Gary live on air with his birthday cake and gifts! Listen below and check out the gallery of the on air surprise here.

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