Mr. Moviefone’s Take On New Releases & Oscar Noms

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Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Here’s the quick-look take from the new releases opening in theaters this weekend. Listen to our interview below to hear Mr. Moviefone’s complete 6-second reviews!

Gangster Squad: An all-star cast with Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin and more, but is the hype worth the ticket price?

Mr. Moviefone’s take: He’s out! He says it’s “too cartoony” and “doesn’t know if it wants to be ‘Good Fellas’ or ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit.'”

A Haunted House: A parody of Paranormal Activity starring Marlon Wayans.

Mr. Moviefone’s take: He’s out!

Zero Dark Thirty: This Oscar-nominated film starring Jessica Chastain chronicles the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden opens nationwide this weekend.

Mr. Moviefone’s take: He’s in!

Now on to the Oscars, so what did Mr. Moviefone think of the big controversy with the Oscar nominations snubbing Ben Affleck in the Best Director category?

“I don’t know what their problem with him is,” said Mr. Moviefone. “The question is will he ever get the ‘Gigli’ stank off him.”

Hear his complete new movie reviews and which film he thinks is taking home Best Picture at the Oscars below!

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