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Poll: What’s The Last Song You’d Want To Hear Before The World Ends?

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Credit: JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Credit: JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP/Getty Images

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Well, December 21st has arrived and we’re all still here! According to the ancient Mayan calender, the world supposedly ends today, but as we were told by NASA, that’s just not going to happen.

But say if  the world really were to end, what would be the last song you’d want to hear before leaving this planet we call Earth?

To help get you started, the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show picked their ‘End of the World’ songs they’d want to hear on the way out…

Gary Bryan – “In My Life” by The Beatles followed by “Amazing Grace”

Lisa Stanley – “More Today Than Yesterday” by Spiral Staircase

Brandon the Producer – “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles and “Don’t Worry Baby” by the Beach Boys

Tim the Cabana Boy – “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys followed by “Sleepwalk” by Santo and Johnny

Bob Malik – “The End” by The Beatles

A few of our listeners chimed in this morning on the show, naming songs including “Stairway To Heaven,” “My Way,” “Happy Trails,” “What A Wonderful World” and many more.

So know the question to you is, what song would you want to hear before the end of the world?! Vote from the choices below of add it in the comments!


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