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LA’s Top 10 Google Searches In 2012

What are the biggest priorities that Los Angeles as a city is most concerned and curious about? New year-end data about our Google searches may be able to shine some light on what the majority of L.A. is talking about.

According to LAist, the site 2012 Zeitgeist has collected data from all over the nation about the most searched for terms from the past year that are broken down into categories like events, music, films and people.

To narrow it down even more, LAist went to Google to break down the top searches from L.A. itself, and to little surprise, our sports teams made up the bulk of the searches. Topping the list on both L.A.’s and the nation’s most Googled terms was “Whitney Houston” on the heels of her tragic death.

Compare and contrast the top searches in L.A. with the entire U.S. below!

LA’s Top 10 Google Searches in 2012:

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Lakers
  3. Dodgers
  4. Olympics 2012
  5. UCLA
  6. SigAlert LA
  7. LADWP
  8. Clippers
  9. LA Unified School District
  10. Batman

U.S. Top 10 Google Searches in 2012:

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Hurricane Sandy
  3. Election 2012
  4. Hunger Games
  5. Jeremy Lin
  6. Olympics 2012
  7. Amanda Todd
  8. Gangnam Style
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  10. KONY 2012
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