Charlie Sheen Still Waiting On Thank You From Lindsay Lohan After $100K Gift

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Credit: Brad White/Getty Images

Credit: Brad White/Getty Images

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According to Charlie Sheen, the Hollywood bad boy was generous enough to write out a $100,000 check to his Scary Movie 5 co-star Lindsay Lohan to help pay off her tax debt, but it looks like his good deed is going unnoticed.

Charlie sat down with Entertainment Tonight recently and spoke out about his $100 loan to LiLo and said he’s still waiting on a thank you from the star!

He said that Lindsay is a “very good, decent young lady” so he decided to help her out through her money troubles, but never even got a response for his generous gift.

“Still waiting on a text, a thank you. Anything,” Charlie said to ET.

Despite no thank you, Charlie said he’s happy to still pay it forward. And speaking of paying it forward, Charlie made another generous donation to a cancer-stricken daughter of Hermosa Beach police officer who will require expensive treatment and radiation therapy.

According to TMZ, Charlie said “No parent should have to watch their kid go through that” and decided to help the little girl out by donating $75,000 to her cancer fund.

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