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9 Great Christmas Gifts That Won’t Cost You a Dime!

Not all of us have a ton of money, if any, to spend on Christmas gifts (author raises hand), but that doesn’t mean you can’t give something to those around you whom you love. With a little imagination, you can discover your special gift that you can give to those around you—for free!

1. Gadget training. If you Grandma just got an iPad or DVD player, spend time showing her them ropes on how to use them efficiently.

2. Babysit. What do most parents need? A night to themselves to go on a date! If you are good with kids, offer your services.

3. Swap services. If your friend is a broke plumber and you are a broke social marketer, offer to do some online marketing for your friend while they fix your garbage disposal.

4. Teach them. Now’s your chance to be a know-it-all. Do you have a special skill such as speaking a foreign language or the ability to play an instrument?

5. Start a book club. Books can be cheap or free if you get them Project Gutenberg. Host a once-a-month book club at your house and give the gift of learning all year long!

6. iTunes transfer. This can take some time, but for that special person, this is the ultimate gift! Import all of their CDs into iTunes for them (no, it’s not piracy).

7. Be a host. Offer to host a monthly or quarterly party or game night at your place. Tell them you’ll plan it, send the invites, etc. To make sure you’re not spending money, require attendees to bring food and drink.

9. Cook. If you are a gourmet cook without the cash to spend on the ingredients, shop for the groceries (they pay), prepare and serve the meal, and then be sure to clean up.

10. Workout partner. Offer to be a workout partner to a friend who really needs it. When you exercise with others you are more inclined to keep going even if you lose motivation. It’s a superb gift that will also benefit you.

[Source: Yahoo! Finance]

  • RainbowRay

    HOw about : 1. Sending a Christmas Card by e-mail
    2. Sending a Youtube love song or I’m in love with you card by e-mail
    3. If your in the mood, make up coupons for lot’s of “sexual intimacy in the
    bedroom” (Wink! wink! flirt! flirt!) to be redeemed at each partner’s pleasure.
    I’m even working on my own sexual activity game (I love board games) for
    guess who? (No, not Burton Cummings! Spot on Chris–Fiona!
    4. Making something fro someone from your own two hands (eight if your an
    Octopus then the gift will be eight times as nice). It shows it came from your

    “Be resolved, get involved!”

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