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Gary Bryan Goes “Gangnam Style”

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Photo from Jib Jab

Photo from Jib Jab

kearthevents Britt Bickel
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Whether you wanted to or not, you’ve most likely have heard somewhere, somehow the extremely popular dance hit, “Gangnam Style” by South Korean pop star, Psy.

It seems as though people just can’t get enough of this catchy tune and viral horse dance he made famous, and now you can be part of song itself!

The e-card service Jib Jab now has a “Gangnam Style” feature that allows you to take any photo of yourself and put it right into the video as Psy.

Of course we had to try this out ourselves, so we transformed a photo of K-EARTH 101 Morning Show host Gary Bryan and put him in the video!

Happy holidays from K-EARTH 101…press play below and enjoy!

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Can’t get enough “Gangnam Style”? Check out this holiday light show set to the tune!

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