Juicy News Extra! Halle Berry’s Ex Claims He Was “Set Up” In Fight With Olivier Martinez

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Credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

Credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

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Over the Thanksgiving weekend I heard people talking about this story everywhere in LA. Out at dinner, at the movies, in the really short for a change line at Starbucks, “…did you hear about the fight between Halle Berry’s ex- boyfriend and fiance?!” 

Tonight the plot thickened and you heard about it first with Juicy News on K-EARTH 101.

If you’re a space traveler and just stepped off of the Enterprise, here’s a short re-cap of what we know so far:

High-fashion model Gabriel Aubry, the ex-boyfriend of Halle Berry and father of their four-year-old daughter, and Berry’s fiance, the French actor Olivier Martinez had a “Throw Down in Tinsel Town,” a no-holds barred fist fight in the driveway of Halle’s home on Thanksgiving Day.

Of course it happened on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day, after all, is the holiday that Fake AP Stylebook has renamed the National Day of Family Hatred.

Both men were hospitalized and one of them was arrested! I hope at least that before this happened they had some pie.

Up until tonight many people may have believed that Aubry had been the aggressor. In at least one report Aubry had allegedly thrown a sudden first punch at Martinez when the actor tried to begin a conversation. Berry has in the past allegedly told a court about Aubry’s hard to control temper.

But tonight we learned new information about this celebrity brawl. So, “hold your horses!”

Aubry won an emergency temporary restraining order against Martinez today and claims that he is the victim.

The Calvin Klein model says he was attacked and berated by Martinez who was furious about a long, losing courtroom battle that Berry had with Aubry. Aubry claims in sworn court documents that Martinez yelled, “You cost us $3 million dollars…” and a lot of other things as the punches flew.

The New York Daily News reports that before he was arrested Aubry was telling authorities to “look at the tape.” But security cameras at Berry’s driveway had been re-positioned and the rumble wasn’t visible. There’s a lot more to the story. Here’s a detailed report with a lot more info and  photos of Aubry’s awful injuries at the New York Daily News.

What do you think? What really happened?

We’ll keep you up to date on this story and others when you join us every weeknight around 10:40pm for Juicy News on K-EARTH 101.

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