Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: “What You Need” by INXS

You Can’t Beat Lisa 11/12/12

Lisa Stanley continues her winning streak, but today’s contestant Judy from Long Beach gave her a run for her money coming in at a tie with Lisa. Tomorrow the K-EARTH 101 cash jackpot rises to $707 – will you be the one who beats Lisa to take the cash?!

You Can’t Beat Lisa questions 11/12/12:

  1. Our friend at Julien’s auctions sold a dress from the Wizard of Oz for almost a half million dollars… what color is the dress?
  2. The premiere of this movie is tonight at Nokia and the fans have been camped out for the past week. What is the full name of the movie?
  3. The Lakers have hired Mike D’Antoni as their new head coach….. Who is he replacing?
  4. This 80’s rapper has been hired to promote tourism in the city of Oakland. Who is it?
  5. Today is Neil Yong’s 67th birthday… he was in a group that had a hit with the song “For What It’s Worth”. What’s the name of the group?

Listen below to find out the answers.

You Can't Beat Lisa 11-12

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