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You Can’t Beat Lisa 11/9/12

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The jackpot keeps going up, up, up and is now standing at $606 for the next contestant who takes on Lisa Stanley in five pop culture questions! Tune in Monday at 6:30 a.m. for another chance to play You Can’t Beat Lisa!

You Can’t Beat Lisa questions 11/9/12:

  1. Today is Lou Ferrigno’s 61st birthday.. He played the incredible hulk….. What was his name of the Hulk’s alter ego?
  2. Yesterday the “Angry Birds” franchise released a version “themed” after this multi-billion dollar movie franchise. What is it?
  3. This Hollywood bad boy is reportedly under investigation for making death threats sent via text message. Who is it?
  4. Tomorrow this branch of the military will be celebrating its 237th birthday… which branch is it?
  5. James Bond’s boss is known by one “initial”… what letter is it?

Listen below to find out the answers!

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