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You Can’t Beat Lisa 11/8/12

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morning show header The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show with Gary Bryan
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As Lisa Stanley continues her winning streak, the jackpot of K-EARTH 101 cash keeps on rising and is now up to $505! Play along to You Can’t Beat Lisa to test your entertainment knowledge.

You Can’t Beat Lisa Questions 11/8/12:

  1. An Astrophysicist claims to have located Superman’s home planet… it’s about 27.1 light years from earth…. What is the name of his planet?
  2. Skyfall opens tomorrow… what is the name of the 1st Bond movie starring Daniel Craig?
  3. According to Star magazine…. Which X Factor Judge says they have a crush on Simon Cowell?
  4. According to a letter from this “Beatle”, he wanted to start a band with Eric Clapton. Which Beatle was it?
  5. Audio Clue: Who is this dodging questions about her relationship?

Listen below to find out the answers!

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