You Can’t Beat Lisa 11/6/12

Lisa is back on an undefeated roll on You Can’t Beat Lisa with the jackpot of K-EARTH 101 cash rising to $303! Test your entertainment knowledge against Lisa’s with today’s questions below.

You Can’t Beat Lisa 11/6/12:

  1. Today is Election Day….. And it was on this date in 1860 that the U.S. elected this person President… who was it?
  2. Today is singer Glenn Frey’s 64th birthday,…. In 1971, the Eagles were a backup band at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland… who did they back up?
  3. Our special guest this morning is JR Martinez…. He played Brot Monroe on which soap?
  4. Name the last four Presidents.
  5. Brad Pitt is now designing Furniture… who is his favorite Architect?

Listen below to find out the answers!

You Can't Beat Lisa 11/6/12

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