Music Legends Share Their ‘Beatles Stories’ In New Documentary

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Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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When thinking about a typical Beatles fan, one may picture an image of young, screaming girls going wild in the presence of the Fab Four, not major music superstars like Brian Wilson or Smokey Robinson.

But just about everyone loves the Beatles’ music, even the biggest music stars themselves, and that’s exactly what is depicted in the new documentary Beatles Stories by filmmaker Seth Swirsky.

Seth joined us this morning to tell us more about coming up with this idea of interviewing some of music’s biggest artists about their own interactions with the Fab Four to hear a side of the group directly from the point of view of the fans.

Seth, a musician and songwriter himself, explained he first got the idea for Beatles Stories after playing a gig in Liverpool and took a video camera to record some of the fans only to discover many of them had stories about the Beatles.

“All the people around Liverpool had these fantastic stories about the Beatles,” explained Seth. “So I just though I’m going to take this video camera back to L.A. and just find stories, and before I knew it, I’m in Art Garfunkel’s apartment.”

After word spread about his project, Seth explains the interest from other artists wanting to contribute continued to grow. He interviewed artists like Smokey Robinson, Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, Donovan, Davy Jones, Peter Noone and many more for a total of 52 stories in the movie.

“It was just one of those things when people found out about it and then I could go interview them, they really had some fantastic stories about the Beatles,” he added.

One of the stories that stands out the most to Seth is one from Art Garfunkel when he met John Lennon at the 1975  Grammy Awards. Lennon had invited Art back to his house where he asked him “you got back together with your Paul, how do I get back together with my Paul?”

Listen to our full interview with Seth Swirsky below to learn more about the Beatles Stories, and find it on

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