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Tom Hanks Drops The F-Bomb On Live TV

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Credit :Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Credit :Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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This morning during an appearance on Good Morning America to promote his new movie Cloud Atlas, Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks made a major oops on live television.

When the interviewer asked him to give an example of his accent and line from the movie, Hanks may have gotten a little too in character and let the F-bomb slip out, and no, there wasn’t a delay in place to censor the word.

Immediately after the flub, Hanks apologized profusely for his mistake to help smooth over his good-guy reputation.

“I’m sorry, I slipped into a brand of acting. I have never done that before – I want to apologize to the kids in America that are watching this right now,” Hanks said trying to smooth over his slip of the tongue. “And let me say the next time I’m on the show, there will be a seven second delay.”

Listen to the audio from the interview below:


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