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You Can’t Beat Lisa 10/9/12

Lisa Stanley just barely defended her title and the $1,010 jackpot of K-EARTH cash this morning on You Can’t Beat Lisa. Play along with today’s questions to brush up on your entertainment knowledge and tune in tomorrow at 8 am for another chance at that jackpot!

You Can’t Beat Lisa questions 10/9/12:

  1. After 30 years of marriage Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are calling it quits… what popular late 70’s / early 80’s sitcom did they both star in?
  2. According to Esquire Magazine this former “That’s 70’s Show” star has been named the “Sexiest Woman Alive”. Who is it?
  3. Today is John Lennon’s birthday….. His son Julian was the inspiration to which Beatles song?
  4. This comedian and former talk show host says she wants to buy Honey Boo Boo’s family a new house!
  5. This actor stars in and directs the new movie ARGO about the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis…. Who is it?

Find out the answers in the audio below!

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