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Cheerleader Sets World Record For Most Backflips

One high school cheerleader is now in the Guinness record books after she set a new world record for doing the most consecutive handsprings during a school football game on Friday.

The 16-year-old cheerleader, Miranda Ferguson, at Hockaday School in Dallas discovered her backflipping talents a year ago when she did 20 in a row at a game, and her fellow cheerleaders suggested that maybe she could break the record of 32.

After practicing, Ferguson took to the field in front of her cheermates and crowd and broke the record by doing 35 handsprings in a row!

Two Guinness officials were even on site to measure the length of the flips and award her with a ‘World Record Holder’ t-shirt.

CLICK HERE to watch her flip into the world record books!

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