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You Can’t Beat Lisa 10/5/12

The $1,010 jackpot is still on the line for one lucky winner who can best Lisa on all things pop culture! Play along to today’s questions and tune in Monday at 8 am for another chance to play!

You Can’t Beat Lisa questions 10/5/12:

  1. It was on this date in 1962 “The Beatles” released their first hit… what song was it?
  2. This “30 Rock” star says he offered to take a pay cut to keep the show going for another 2 seasons… but NBC cancelled the show anyway…. Who was it?
  3. Today is James Bond’s 50th anniversary… what was the name of the 1st James Bond Movie starring Daniel Craig.
  4. Which airline says they will fly you out of the country if your candidate loses the presidential election?
  5. Audio Clue: This movie star was on ESPN’s sports center last night and didn’t know he was live…. Who is it?

Find out the answers in the clip below!

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