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Nicki Minaj & Mariah Fight Caught On Tape

The new season of American Idol is already off to a rocky start with the new judges panel. After reports of ‘trouble’ brewing between pop stars Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were quickly brushed off, a video of the two divas going at it during the audition process has surfaced and obtained by TMZ.

In the video, you can hear Nicki exploding at Mariah after she continually harassed her over a disagreement on a contestant’s performance.

According to witnesses on set, Nicki was furious with Mariah’s ‘diva’ ways and shouted, “I told them I’m not f***in’ putting up with her f***in’ highness over there.”

Before the video started rolling, sources also claim Nicki threatened to “knock out” Mariah.

Producers ended the auditions after the fight, and are reportedly worried about how the two divas will get along as the show goes on.

Listen to the argument caught on tape below!

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