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Juiciest Tidbits From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview

In case you missed it, Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down with 60 Minute‘s Lesley Stahl for a revealing in-depth interview to promote his new memoir Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. In the interview, Arnold talks in more detail about the love affair scandal that turned his life upside down last year, giving his side to the story.

We found some of the juiciest parts to the interview to get you up to speed with how Arnold handled telling his wife and kids about the love affair that ultimately ended in fathering a secret love child with his live-in housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

When did he know that the child was his? Arnold says he just “figured it out” when the child started looking like him. He then just started sending Mildred money, insisting that it wasn’t “hush money” saying, “she knew what it was about.”

Arnold reveals that Maria knows she’s in the book and that he includes both his successes and failures in the book.

So, what does Maria think of his tell-all memoir?

Also, this morning on Good Morning America, Arnold appeared and talked about whether or not he’s involved as a father to his secret love child, Joseph.

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