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You Can’t Beat Lisa 9/27/12

The $1,010 jackpot is still up for grabs as no one has been able to beat Lisa Stanley in the latest pop culture questions!

You Can’t Beat Lisa Questions 9/27/12:

  1. Today is the birthday of this popular internet search engine.
  2. According to reports, this Twilight couple is back together and living with each other again!
  3. Detroit police will be digging up a driveway in a search to find the remains of this union leader who disappeared back in 1975.
  4. This popular shoe chain released a statement saying the NFL replacement refs are not their employees?
  5. Today is Gwyneth Paltrow’s 40th birthday…. In the movie “Iron Man” she plays Pepper Pots, who is the assistant to which character in the movie?

Listen below to find out the answers!

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