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Hamburgers More Pollutant Than Diesel Trucks

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Credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images

Credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images

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A new study conducted by UC Riverside (UCR), has revealed a shocking statistic about commercial charbroilers used to cook hamburgers at many restaurants.

The study found that levels of pollution produced by these charbroilers are at twice the level of pollution given off by diesel trucks, according to Huffington Post.

“For comparison, an 18-wheeler diesel-engine truck would have to drive 143 miles on the freeway to put out the same mass of particles as a single charbroiled hamburger patty,” said Bill Welch, the principal engineer for the study.

Since very few regulations are in place on the amount of emissions restaurant charbroilers produce, commercial cooking has become the second-largest producer of particle matter in the atmosphere according to the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

These cookers give off various pollutants including grease, smoke, heat, water, vapor, and combustion products.

With these new findings on commercial cooking, will it make you swear off eating hamburgers and how restaurants should be regulated?

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