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Trouble On ‘American Idol’ Already?

The official new judges panel for American Idol has just been announced over the weekend, but sources inside the show are already witnessing some tension brewing between the judges.

The new judges, Mariah Carey, Nikki Minaj, Keith Urban along with Randy Jackson taped the first audition day in New York City on Sunday, and those on set reported that Mariah and Nicki were already fighting for the spotlight.

According to TMZ, when Nicki was critiquing the contestants, Mariah continually interrupted her, which prompted Nicki to speak louder overtop her.

Mariah made it clear to producers that she didn’t like the idea of having another younger, female pop star judging next to her, and hung up the phone when told Nicki was a potential candidate.

Now that Nicki is officially on board, viewers can expect to see the two pop divas fighting to share the spotlight.

One thing’s for sure, it should make for some good television.

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