Ten-Year-Old’s Account Of Learning About 9/11 Attacks

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kearthevents Britt Bickel
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Today marks eleven years since the tragic 9/11 attacks, and many of us are taking a moment to reflect on the anniversary and honor the lives lost.

While many of us still remember the exact moment where we were when first learning about the attacks, it seems strange to think that children 11 years old and younger weren’t even born yet.

For the generation born after 9/11, they’ve only heard a retelling about the tragic events from their parents or history books in school, so we were wondering, what exactly do they know about what happened that day?

We talked to one ten-year-old girl this morning to get her account of learning about the events on 9/11 and what they’re teaching in school about the day.

Take a listen to her account below:

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