Mother Potty Trains Children In The Middle Of A Restaurant

In Utah, a woman named Kimberly Decker witnessed a mother using a potty training seat  for her two children right at the table in the Thanksgiving Point Deli restaurant.

The mother had to undo the children’s onesies and pulled them all the way down to their ankles and let the kids sit on the seats as they ate chicken nuggets. Right in front of all the patrons in the restaurant.

Decker took a photo of the strange sight and posted it on her Facebook, which has since been taken down. Several news sites have picked up the photo, which can be seen here.

We know potty training can be hard, but have you ever seen anything like this before?

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In Florida, an 18-year-old man called 911 because he had a dream and when he woke up, his dream started coming true! He told operators that his family didn’t believe him, and neither did they. They told him not to call 911 again from that house, so he went to a friend’s home and called from there!

Turns out he was smoking something called K2, a synthetic marijuana, that was causing the wild dreams. Wonder if riding in the back of a police car was part of the dream.

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