Help Fran Drescher ‘Trash Cancer’

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Fran Drescher and Charlie Tuna

Fran Drescher and Charlie Tuna

Charlie Tuna
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Actress, comedian and cancer activist Fran Drescher is on a mission to help rid homes of the toxins and cancerous chemicals that cause cancer in the first place.

Fran is spreading the word with her ‘Trash Cancer’ program, which she started to teach families to live a less toxic lifestyle and create a healthier environment in homes.

“We’re going to really going to take America by storm and reroute them off the ‘cure’ concept to living preventatively so they don’t get the cancer in the first place,” said Fran.

Not all cancers are caused by lifestyle or inherited by genetics, as Fran herself found out first hand. Nearly 90 percent of cancer is caused by the environments we live in with our homes being the number one culprit.

“You can look at your genetics, but at the end of the day, the most toxic place we spend the most time in – our homes!” said Fran. “That is something that we have absolute control over with our purchasing power, and that’s the best way to give a loud message to our manufactures…start buying products that are toxic and carcinogenic free.”

To help ‘Trash Cancer,’ you can join forces with Fran by throwing your own Trash Cancer party on Saturday, Sept. 29th for your own friends and family. As a special incentive, the first 1000 participants to sign up will receive a host party kit at no charge that includes all the goodies you need to throw a party.

Sign up to host a party on Fran’s cancerschmancer.org website and help spread the word of a healthier lifestyle!

Listen to Charlie Tuna’s talk with Fran to learn more about the start of this project and how you can create change!

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