Bruce Springsteen’s Surprising Vinyl Collectible

All this week, we’ve been talking vinyl collectibles with music expert Mighty John Marshall. So far, we’ve covered the top 5 Rolling Stones vinyl, The Doors, and a surprising collectible from Cher before she was known as Cher.

Today, Mighty John clues us in on a certain collectible you may have never expected to worth very much – Bruce Springsteen’s classic album Born To Run.

While millions of copies of this album have been sold over the years, there’s one key thing to look out for on the cover that can be the deciding factor if it’s worth any money.

“Look at the cover. If you have a cover where the words ‘Born To Run’ are in ‘Script’ lettering, which is like handwriting, instead of ‘Block’ lettering – those covers are worth up to $1000,” says Mighty John.

It’s always worth taking a second look at your music collection, because you’re never sure what you may have!

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