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You Can’t Beat Lisa 8/1/12

Today’s contestant Larry stepped up to the plate to see if he could knock it out of the park by answering more questions about pop culture right than Lisa Stanley!

Today’s You Can’t Beat Lisa questions 8/1/12:

  1. The U.S. Open Of Surfing is taking place this week in this California beach city.
  2. This Olympic athlete broke the record for most Olympic medals won by a single person after winning his 19th medal!
  3. An arrest warrant has been issued in New Orleans for this Oscar winning Jerry Maguire star after being involved in a bar fight.
  4. The Duchess of Cambridge was just named the best dressed …. In the world, who is she married to.
  5. MTV debuted on this date in 1981 with the song “Video Killed The Radio Star”. What was the name of the group that sang the song?

Listen below to find out if Larry won $101 in K-EARTH cash or if Lisa continues on her undefeated title!

You Cant Beat Lisa

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