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Elderly Woman Fights Off Burglar & Marriage Proposal Goes Wrong

In Sweden, a man came up to a 90-year-old woman’s door and asked if he could borrow a bucket of water. While she was off fetching the water, the man tried to steal the woman’s jewelry and even tried to pry her rings off her fingers! Well, good thing she had that bucket of water, because she used it to fight off the burglar!

In Chicago, a man took his girlfriend to a Cubs game and planned a huge marriage proposal on the jumbo-tron. He paid the $1,200 for the message to go up on the screen and even had the people in the stands get ready to make a big reaction.

Well, before the big moment, the guy told his girlfriend to go get a couple of beers, but the lines were so long that by the time she got back, she missed the whole thing! On a happy note, he still proposed and she accepted!

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