Poll: How Would You Grade The 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies?

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Credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/GettyImages

Credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/GettyImages

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As the entire world was sitting on the edge of their seats Friday night to see how the highly secretive opening ceremonies would turn out, the spectacle left many underwhelmed by the end.

The $40 million event put together by director Danny Boyle had, as Gary Bryan puts it, the good, bad and the weird. Some of the highlights included the Queen of England appearing with James Bond’s Daniel Craig and “jumping” out of a helicopter into the stadium; the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron; the amazing fireworks display that lined the stadium and the streets of London; and of course the musical performance of Sir Paul McCartney!

However, with the good comes the bad with the ceremony running over three hours with not much happening in the beginning and the weird, nightmarish children’s fairytales coming to life with giant, ghoulish puppets.

So what did you think of London’s Olympic opening ceremony? Did you enjoy it or did it put you to sleep? Vote below to give your overall grade of the opening ceremonies!

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