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Alec Baldwin Has Another Angry Scuffle With Paparazzi

Apparently Alec Baldwin hasn’t learned his lesson around the paparazzi after he was pictured angrily pushing a NY Daily News photog for getting in his face a few weeks ago.

The freshly married actor was just caught in the act once again last week in another scuffle with the paparazzi hanging around outside his apartment.

Attempting to intimidate the photog, Alec got in his face and even squeezed his arm at one point all while lashing out insults like “you little girl” and “I want you to get the f— out of here.”

In his defense, Alec was trying to protect his neighbor from the photog, who was apparently having confrontations with residents in the apartment before Alec showed up.

Take a listen to Alec’s latest blowup in the clip below and tell us if he overreacted or was just trying to help out his neighbors. One thing is for sure, he does not like getting his picture taken!


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