Nischelle Turner Talks CNN’s Report Mixup, Ann Curry’s Tearful Goodbye

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Nischelle Turner at K-EARTH 101/Credit: Britt Bickel

Nischelle Turner at K-EARTH 101/Credit: Britt Bickel

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CNN Headline News’ entertainment correspondent Nischelle Turner is filling in this morning while Lisa Stanley is out, and we had to ask her about the report mixup this morning from CNN.

Upon the announcement of the Supreme Court’s decision on ObamaCare this morning, CNN accidentally reported that the original mandate was struck down by the court. Other news outlets then started reporting the correct outcome that the mandate will be upheld.

Later, CNN corrected the mistake and announced the correct outcome, but the damage was already done. The ‘Twitterverse’ was quick to point out the mistake and make that the bigger news story than the Court’s decision.

“We can’t hide from it, we got it wrong,” said Nischelle. “They corrected it, but we got it wrong. Unfortunately that’s what happens in the game sometimes in news you try to race to be first and you get it wrong.”

Nischelle also talked about her road to success to become a CNN journalist and briefly covers Ann Curry’s tearful goodbye from this morning’s Today show. Listen to Ann’s goodbye message from the show this morning below.

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