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You Can’t Beat Maria

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Maria. Menounos plays You Can't Beat Maria

Maria. Menounos plays You Can’t Beat Maria

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Ted from Orange gave it his all as today’s You Can’t Beat Lisa Maria test to see who knows more about pop culture. Extra‘s host Maria Menounos filled in for the second day in a row while Lisa is on vacation…check out the questions below to play along!

You Can’t Beat Maria 6/27/12:

  1. Khloe Kardashian is married to this NBA star.
  2. What was the 1989 blockbuster starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal written by Nora Ephron?
  3. Which TV network hands out the Moonman Award?
  4. Which major London landmark will be renamed in honor of the Queen?
  5. President Obama was recently booed for joking about a trade from the Red Sox to the White Sox in this city.

Listen below to find out the answers!

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