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Alec Baldwin Denies Hitting Photog: “I’m Dumb, But I’m Not That Dumb”

Alec Baldwin appeared on the Charlie Rose Show Tuesday night to defend himself against accusations that he hit a New York Daily News staff photographer while he was getting a his marriage license at the NY Courthouse earlier that day.

Pictures of Alec angrily pushing a photographer went viral on Tuesday, but the star claims that he was simply defending himself, although the pictures suggest otherwise.

“The guy – there was a person in front of me and he was blocking him. And the guy lunged and almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of the camera. So I just pushed the guy away,” Alec told Rose.

“But of course people think I’m out there just decking photographers willy nilly,” Alec continued. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m in front of a courthouse, the place is crawling with cops. I mean I’m dumb, but I’m not that dumb.”

Following the incident, Alec was seen walking around NY wearing a white blanket over his head as his own paparazzi shield.

Click here to watch Alec speak out about his scuffle with paparazzi and see the pictures from the event.

Listen below to hear some hypothetical celebrity match ups of who we think would win in a fight between Alec and stars a little more his size.

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